We have couple of large and heavily updated database tables in PostgreSQL which often suffer from two issues:

  1. table and index bloat, which means they occupy way more disk space and memory than actually required;
  2. corrupted indexes, which means query planner can’t generate efficient query execution plans for them and…

AWS services like EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache come with an Elastic Network Interface (ENI), which enables communication from within your VPCs. However, many AWS services provide a REST API, available via Internet only. A few examples: S3, DyanmoDB, CloudWatch, SQS and Kinesis.

There are three options to make these services…


Microservices can be used to break down a big monolithic application into smaller services. Each microservices does things independently and does it well.

Benefits of microservices

  1. Independent scaling: Each microservice can scale independently by adding more CPU or memory based on what is needed.
  2. Independent upgrades: Each microservice can be deployed independently and…

Nitin goyal

working as DevSecOps Engineer at Pixlevide Solutions. Loves to solve everyday problems with Automation.

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